Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vintage Belle on Etsy

Well, it's the start of the holiday season and over the next month or so I thought I might showcase a few sellers that I admire on Etsy.

I stumbled across Vintage Belle the other week and I can't stop admiring this shop. The artists make beautiful jewelry out of salvaged bits of broken china set in sterling silver, including pins, earrings, and rings. I've always like mosaics and I appreciate the idea of remaking pieces of broken china into something of beauty.

Their pieces have a lovely romantic feel, such as this bluebird pin:

And this ring:

And some items are just downright amusing, like these two charms:

My grandmother had a set of china in the Virginia Rose pattern. It was beautiful and I'll always think of her when I see it, but the pattern doesn't fit my lifestyle and I don't particularly want any pieces of my own. One of Vintage Belle's creations would be a fabulous but functional way to remember a loved one and her china at the same time.

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