Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Modern Linen Charm Sneak Peek!

It took me longer than I expected, but I finished my Modern Linen Charm quilt yesterday.


I used my new walking foot on this quilt.  I didn't have any problem with little tiny pinch pleats forming on the back while quilting, but finding the right tension for the thread with this foot took some effort.  In fact, I ripped out the stitching the first time I quilted it because I wasn't happy with the way it looked and I knew it would annoy me forever unless I did it right.  In retrospect I should have spent more time testing out the thread tension with scraps before rushing into the quilting.  

Anyhoo, it's quilted now and I'm pleased with the results.  I'll post more pictures soon when the wind dies down's pretty gusty out there today.

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